The Story Of Francis. The true story of a scam with a football player

The Story Of Francis

This article will probably be useful for young players who are in search of new opportunities for their careers. Here is The Story Of Francis.

On the eve of the new transfer season, all football community is starting to establish contacts with the new partners, prepares the new strategies, looking for the new opportunities. But today we want to share you a story about some participants of the football community which absolutely not interested in establishing contacts or looking for the new partners, they are only looking for the new opportunities to deceive… and we want to share some moment in The Story Of Francis.

Lately, we met one football player who fell victim to scammers. His name is Francis. Francis asked us to do not disclosure info about him, so all you’ll know that about him that his name is Francis, he is a former free agent from Africa and his position is a striker.

We asked Francis to make a chat with us and share his story. At first, he did not really want to do this for reason that he still had a feeling of shame after what had happened. But then he agreed in the hope that his story would help young players not get into this situation.

This article will probably be useful for young players who are in search of new opportunities for their careers. Here is The Story Of Francis.

Here is his story.

Hello Francis could you tell us how this happened?

– As always I started for searching the new opportunities for my career in LinkedIn. During the day I could send numerous messages to various agents. Sometimes I got answers, sometimes I don’t. Anyway, it was my typical daily workflow. Once I receive an answer from agent let call him Charles he was from England (We changed all names and titles) For me, he seems to be a very serious agent.

How did you understand that he is a serious agent?

– Well, in his LinkedIn profile was written that he working on a very serious agency. I already knew this agency, in this agency, signed a lot of very famous players who play in Europe. So I was happy about this fact, that such serious agent just answered me.

“Photos of fancy life, yachts, expensive cars and etc. it’s dazzled me”

What did he propose you?

– He asked to send him my cv. After one hour I received an answer from him that I have a very good opportunity to continue my career in one of the European teams. Everything was so great! I was so happy because I always dreamt to play in Europe. He told that he needs to make some calls to his partner.

And what happened then?

– He told me, that he has some variants for me from Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. But he added that I have to understand that such serious agents can’t waste their time for free. What if he will organize trial for me in one club and I won’t fit for this team? In this case, he will waste his time for free. In other cases, with another player, he probably will finish the deal and will get some commission. So, he explained to me that if I want that he started negotiation with clubs I have to pay him upfront $500 in other cases he won’t start negotiations.

Wow! what a statement. Please tell us did this not look suspicious?

– Now I understand that this was really suspicious. I had to stop this “negotiations” immediately. But he told me, that if I’ll sign a contract these $500 will be like “cup of tea” like nothing for me. Also, he told me that this is a very important moment in my career and will be stupid to waste this moment by saving $500. I had some soul of doubt, what if he is right? And I told him I need some time to think about it.

But if this possible that super cool agent from England will be begging for $500 from a guy from Africa?

– I know that if someone will take a look clearly at this situation it will be absolutely obvious that something not clear here. But as I mentioned I really wanted to play somewhere in Europe and I looked at this situation on little bit another angle. Also, I decided to search on the internet for this agent. I found his Instagram account with thousands of subscribers. Photos of fancy life, yachts, expensive cars and etc. it’s dazzled me. I thought how this possible that guy who has all of these things can cheat someone for $500.

“I always dreamt to play in Europe”

Why don’t you visited a website of the agency which he represents? And looked section Team, to check if he really works there?

– I don’t know. It probably would have been a right move. But I was impressed with his Instagram and this was the proof for me, that this guy is doing really good.

What was the decisive factor to agree to his terms?

– Well, this was Thursday. He wrote that me – what did I decide? Also, he added that his partner just called him that some club from Germany (We won’t disclose the name of this club) urgent needs a striker and partner will leave this club on Friday, and I have a really good opportunity to join this club without a trial on the next week. So I had one day. I thought that probably this is my chance. I borrowed some part of funds from my parents and friends. Some part I added by myself. And I sent money to him on Thursday. On the next day, he answered that he received payment and told me to start packing my bags, that in the next week I’ll be in Germany. I felt really happy but at the same time I had some warning inside but I thought that this probably because why I don’t understand yet how lucky I am.

We will ask an inconvenient question when you finally realized that this was a scam?

– In the next Thursday. He told me that during next week the club will buy me tickets and will solve all other questions. And that on the next weekend I’ll be in the squad for the game. So, he is like done his “job” and from this moment some representer of a club will call me and from this moment I have to solve all questions with him. On Thursday I was at home with my bags and no one called me. I looked that the game will be on Saturday but I am here at home. I wrote about 10 times and got no answer and that’s probably was the end.

That’s terrible Francis. We can only imagine how you felt at this moment.

– Yes, this was a week of full disappointing and depression. I felt so stupid that someone fooled me so easy. I was ashamed in front of my parents and friends. You know for me $500 it is a very serious money and waste them in such a stupid way was so terrible. I even started thinking that probably I have to stop thinking about football and find some regular job. What is funny that I heard many times about scam agents and etc. I thought that I will never face this, and some guys just were so naive and that’s why someone fooled them. But it turned out that so I was also naive.

How is your career now?

– Now all fine and I want to say, God, thank you for it. In one week after scam, I got a call from my old friend he proposed me to go for a trial for one club in Asia. This time all was fine. I passed the trial, club proposed me a contract and I’m very happy to be here now.

We really glad for you Francis. In conclusion, what would you advise to other young players?

– Guys don’t be so naive! I know how it. Always have a clear mind, talk with family or friends. Don’t believe empty promises and of course not send money for nothing.

Thanks, Francis

– Your welcome.

To summarise all what did we learn from The Story Of Francis.

Here are a few signs that maybe someone wants to deceive you:

  • An agent is asking money for the start of negotiations.
    ( This exactly what happened with Francis. We pretty sure that no one self-respecting agent won’t do this)


  • Some club staff is asking money for the start of negotiations.
    ( The pretty same situation as a first sign but here the dishonest agent wants to disguise his actions)


  • Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man United and Man City is waiting for you.
    (You probably playing not bad in your 3rd or 4th division in a local championship, but ask yourself a clear question, if this really too good to be true?)


  • You need to pay insurance.
    (Sometimes some fake agents asking you a pay some insurance, that for example, you need for traveling to some club in Europe or this will be like guaranty that you won’t work with another agent. There could be a numerous of variants but a result is always the same – scam)


  • Ask for payment of work of an agency.
    (Little bit another case when an agent asks you pay his job. Here is an idea that a lot of people are “working” under your case and of course and it can’t be for free. Secretary Jessica used on you 3 sheets of paper! Do you know how paper is expensive now? and etc…)


  • I’m a too cool agent for work for free.
    (The Classic situation which happened with Francis)


  • Everything is a ready all you need is send money to an agent.
    (The main goal of persons who going to cheat someone is getting money in any case. This person can tell everything you want in order to receive money. Don’t believe when someone will say you that fresh t-shirts with your name are waiting for you in the dressing room and only need send some funds for it)


  • Harder, Faster, Stronger
    (All scammers know this for sure that first hours or days are the most important for their black deeds. The fake agent will always push harder all the time. The main goal is getting money in the shortest period of time and give the victim no time for thinking)


As we can see there are numerous variants how honest people can be fooled. Always remember you can do these simple steps if something not clear to you.
  • Visit site of the agency which this agent represents. Take a look if he really works there. If you don’t see him on the site to don’t be shy and write a letter to this agency.


  • If you have some of the doubts you can simply write to his contacts in for example LinkedIn. If he is agent he will have a lot of player in his contacts.


  • Also, you can ask any media material or any other documents which can prove statues of this agent


We hope you liked our article The Story Of Francis and some our advice will help in your future career. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, stay tuned!

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